Thursday, December 30, 2010

Funny alcohol free wine commercial (UK 1989)

The first sparkling time...

It started with a nice lunch with friends on a random Wednesday because we were all so fortunate to not have to work that day. To celebrate my pregnancy our friends presented us with a sparkling non-alcoholic white wine. Since I grew up tasting the best wines of the world I have always been very skeptical on the matter of alcohol-free wines. Even though I stopped drinking alcohol years ago I never felt the inclination to try them.

This 'champagne' however was surprisingly good with the nice dry and fresh but fruity taste I remembered from the real Champagne that I used to love. It could have been our overall happiness and the good company but my prejudgment evaporated and so our quest started to taste and evaluate and learn all about the alcohol-free wines that are available today and to share our experiences with you through this medium. I am definitely not an expert wine taster nor an expert of the English language so please forgive me my blatant mistakes and feel free to comment and point them out to me.

We will try this wine again and share its details when we get a hold of its name and supplier.